Digital Camera Resource

Links for ROD Systems and accessories:

Supplier for composite materials (UK) Easycomposites

Supplier for machine parts, handels and fittings(UK) Berger Tools

Supplier for every component under the sun (UK) Tizaro-Global Engineering

Supplier for tubes, T-Slot Tubing etc (UK) CR Laurence

Supplier of Aluminium Extrusions (UK) Aluminium Warehouse

Supplier for DIY rails and clamps Dragonplate

More Rods and Supports Express35.

The Igus sliding system is the bases for many commercial sliding products Hawkswood DSLR camera cables, clamps etc.

The main supplier for rod connectors etc Elesa-Ganter

Zacuto Style rig at less then half price Gini Rig the company is known as cinitoto here is link to a US re-seller Gini-Rig

Cheap follow focus system D-Focus System

Various grip equipment Cinescopophilia

More grip equipment, some the same as Jag35, indiSYSTEM

Cheap grip gear Hangrip

Links to Camera Stabilisers:

Steadicam, the original camera stabeliser, take a look at Tiffens site for their range of products.

Innocinema make high quality stabilisers , they have launched a new small camera Stabilisers which is very effective.

Other suppliers of Stabelisers include Artimis which is a brand owned by Sachtler

Cheap versions of Stabilisers can be found on ebay and on the internet
Wondalan is a supplier that some UK distributors are stocking Stabilisers from.