Course Outline

Below is the working outline for the course but as we are mainly focused on digital technology, the structure may change to reflect this evolving medium.

Day one
Digital cinematography: the visionary director, storyteller and crafts person. (Seminar ,workshop and screening)

Day two
A practical workshop: Study of light and lighting methods for the craft of storytelling. From three point indoor lighting to outdoor lighting methods, variation between soft and hard light, the language of light/ meanings and metaphors.

Day three
Lenses, depth of field (2D and 3D screen direction), the emotional involvement of the audience, controlling with composition and optics. Understanding and manipulating colour and light latitude.

Day four
A substantial practical camera workshop using divers grip equipment. It will include hand held grip, steadicam and Jib cranes exercises.
A reminder of the theory of the rule of composition, frame structure and patterns.

Day five
Workshop on editing principles with Final Cut Pro - using DSLR compression and Apple Pro Res.
A method for working digitally with sound and colour grading.